Heavenly attractions – Part Two

4 December 2014 § Leave a comment

If you ask my wife, she would say that life’s all about what you need. In fact, she believes we only attract what we need to make us stronger.

Although I have experienced this phenomenon. Or retrospectively applied this thinking to several circumstantial events. I don’t know if I buy into it completely.

It would be difficult to define homeless people’s situations as something that will make them stronger. And, I’m confident, most would tell me that they certainly don’t “need” to be homeless.

So when and where does my wife’s theory actually apply? Or does it ever apply?

I need to think about this some.

Oh, what webs we weave…

4 December 2014 § Leave a comment

“Come into my web,” said the the spider to the fly. It seems my vinegar is as sweet as honey. Welcome to my blog, my dear friend.

A new follower

3 December 2014 § Leave a comment

Another person came to their senses this morning and started following my blog. This just goes to show everyone that people will read anything.

Thanks for the follow, Mindset.

(This post is meant to be taken as sarcasm.)

A new life for an old dog

2 December 2014 § Leave a comment

Just started connected a Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover to my iPad 3.

I know it isn’t old, but at the rate that Apple launches new products, I doubt I will be able to find peripherals in three months. In fact, it was difficult enough finding this keyboard.

Stores naturally want to keep up with the trends, so they don’t like stocking older components for very long. Most places I looked only carried keyboards for the iPad Air 2!

In any case, I can already see that this keyboard was a very good purchase.

Now, it’s time to get blogging.


20 July 2014 § Leave a comment

How can I describe the feeling of having three weeks of vacation? For my friends here in Sweden, this is totally normal. For my friends in the USA, it’s indescribable, almost unbelievable. But, then again, isn’t this what life’s all about? To enjoy the time that we have, versus, scrambling after money 24/7.

I will continue to ponder these and other questions as I mow the grass.

A year has passed

30 October 2013 § Leave a comment

A year has passed -

My nieces and nephews express their gratitude to everyone who has helped them survive the first year after the death of their parents in Hurricane Sandy. Their parents would be proud.

Click on the title to see the interview.

Heavenly attractions – part one

18 October 2013 § Leave a comment

As I sit on the train waiting to leave the station, I look out the window to my right and I see a young Asian man with a pink backpack rummaging through the trash bin searching for returnable bottles and cans. He doesn’t look desperate. He doesn’t look hungry. He looks methodical.

Seeing him, I can’t help but think how lucky I am. I have a good paying job with great colleagues, a wonderful wife and daughter, and a large farm that we can call our own. And then I think of the numbers of homeless, penniless, vagrants I see each and everyday on the streets of Gothenburg. I wonder what has happened in their life that has led to the state they are in now? How far removed am I from such a thing from happening to me? What can I do prevent it from happening? But I also wonder, are they looking at me and asking similar questions?


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